Oh happy feet

Oh happy feet

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It is a two in one product : soak and scrub :)  Made from premium selected salts, nourishing oils, organic therapeutic plants and essential oils, our oh happy feet is the go to to get rid of that long never-ending day. 


Soaking your feet can be a very relaxing and soothing experience. Not only will oh happy feet fight against stress but it also has detoxifying properties but it is also packed with minerals from potassium to magnesium. 


It can also be used on your legs, where the skin is a bit tougher than other parts of the body. Perfect to use before sharing to get that clean, smooth skin. 


After soaking and softening the hard tissues on the soles of your feet in a warm bath, it can be used as a scrub to get rid of any skin cells. Our feet are often less cared for when we should be grateful for all the places they take us too. 


It's as simple as this When your feet are happy, you are happy =) 

  • why oh happy feet is an essential ?

    • Soothes your feet after weaing heels - the ultimate best friend for your tired feet !

    • the soft skin on our soles easily absorbs the much needed nutrients and minerals found in salts 

    • the essential oils helps fight germs and fungus 

    • the relaxing soak will also soothe any sore and tired muscles

    • it is great to use as a leg scrub before shaving or waxing to avoid any ingrown hairs. 

    • the therapeutic leaves soothes and relaxes the entire body 

    • going an extra mile for your feet (pun intended xD) can also make your pedicure last longer

    • the perfect addition to your pamper night *the to-go after any hard day when you need that extra love