Love - Skin detox mask for oily skin

Love - Skin detox mask for oily skin

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Love was created to help your skin shead off all the dead skin cells, extra oils and everything that it doesn't need.  It was made to leave your skn feeling exfoliated, baby smooth and soft. It is made from a mix of ingredients to deep cleanse and exfoliate your skin, without drying it.  It contains kaolin clay and himalayan pink. Both have anti-inflammatory properties that heal and soothe skin while still exfoliating.  It also works amazing for blackheads and clogged pores, which consequently prevents breakouts. 


Bare in mind that it contains salt, so avoid using on open breakouts. 


Here is your cheat sheet to benefit fully from the mask : 

Mix with water for normal use

Mix with apple cider vinegar and honey for deeper cleansing

Mix with water and oil to create a more nourishing experience

Mix with aloe vera gel for a super hydrating skin