Kissable - Lip Scrub

Kissable - Lip Scrub

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Kissable is the chosen name for our lip scrub, for obvious reasons ! :D As soon as you open the little jar, the sweet rose scent mixed with the sugar, immediately sweeps you off your feet and basically makes you want to eat it :D !  Use a pea size amount to gently massage in a circular motion to scrub off the dead skin cells off your beautiful lips.  And when you're done, well, you're all kissable xD


Ah ! As for the little rose buds, it is organic and pesticide free, you can add it to your next little infusion. roses are very soothing :) 

  • Why choose the Lip Rescue ?

    🌿 100% natural ingredients
    🌿 Perfect concoction for chapped and dry lips
    🌿 Light and easy little tin to carry around with you
    🌿 Fits in any little pocket !
    🌿 Zero plastic