Face Scrubbie

Face Scrubbie

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The face scrubbie was specially designed for maximum exfoliation 😊 It has two layers, the puffy part for the sensitive areas of your face and the more textured part around the edge for the days when you feel your skin needs that extra loving.

  • How to use the face scrubbie ?

    Use in circular motion together with your favorite cleanser or face soap. Through gentle exfoliation, it leaves your skin squeaky clean and  baby-soft ! 

  • What does the face scrubbie do ?

  • Why choose the face scrubbie ?

    This manual and technical way of cleaning your skin and removing dead skin cells is very similar to using store-bought scrubs. However it saves our oceans from all those plastic micro beads found in products that does this exact thing! The scrubbie does it even better, if we may say so ourselves ! 

    PLUS : 

    • Recommended for sensitive skin
    • Leaves skin instantly clean
    • 100% biodegradable Unisex
    • Cost effective
    • Keep oceans clean