Botanical Hair Growth Potion

Botanical Hair Growth Potion

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Yes, we are calling it a potion. We have to hunt for the ingredients and it takes looooong hours to prepare, it's made from a mix of oils (including castor oil), 5 different botanical herbs, essential oils and beautiful chrysanthemum flowers to complete the look of this magical potion for your healthy, luscious, long hair.


It is a scalp treatment as well as a hair care oil. It can be used once to two times a week while massaging your scalp and you can use the remaining on the length of your hair and on the ends


It helps with hair growth, hair health and scalp care - including dandruff, any itchiness or irritations.


It has a raw, natural, earthy, sweet scent. Zero chemicals, just plant goodness and love :) It is packaged in a glass bottle of 60 ml.