A story of passion

All Naturals was truly birthed from a story of passion and love but also from nece​ssity.  

In the beginning, it was precisely a way to care for our loved ones, trying to find ways to keep them healthy, that aligned with nature. With time it all became clearer and we couldn't keep the joy only for ourselves.  It was time to share it and that is when the journey truly begun. 

All Naturals is where you can find affordable, eco-friendly and natural alternatives for the well-being of your loved ones.  We source our products/raw materials from ethical sources and fair trade. They also come in sustainable packaging  

Green Plant

birth of all Naturals

Our mission is to encourage a more eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle, gravitating towards zero waste.  We honor the gifts of nature and use its treasures to create alternative ways, having your well-being in mind.   


We aim to do this through our products. Countless hours are dedicated into designing, testing and improving the products on our shelves to ensure the best quality and highest standards. We also use sustainable packaging to the best of our ability.  

We are firm believers of functionality and practicality. These are important aspects that we consider during product creation.  We believe in products that will make life easier, while keeping it more raw, capturing what nature intended for us to use.  

We also strive to keep our prices affordable and accessible to everyone.  We trust in the ripple effect. Doing good and choosing nature is indeed contagious.  We hope to see more and more people leaning towards protecting nature and All Naturals wants to lend a hand and contribute to your journey to a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle.  

OUR values and mission

We also wish to help creative and eco-friendly entrepreneurs who share the same values as All Naturals.   (If you are an entrepreneur with innovative eco-products, message us ) We want to promote their creativity and also offer you a wider choice along this journey.  We are a community, this is how we were created to live.